Who we are

Cell Insurance Company is the industry leader in the provision of a diverse range of innovative riskfinancing solutions in Zimbabwe. The company offers various short-term insurance products for both corporate and individual customers through Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions (ART), Conventional Insurance Solutions as well as Enterprise Wide Risk Management Solutions (EWRM), all tailored to suit each client’s needs.

Cell Insurance was incorporated in 2003 and opened its doors in 2004 as the first and only licensed Captive Insurance Company in Zimbabwe in a market that predominantly offers Conventional Insurance products only. The company is one of the most stable and fastest growing insurance companies in the short term industry in terms of both gross premiums and profitability. Cell Insurance was ranked the 5th largest short term insurance company by Gross Written premiums (GWP) in 2015 by the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) with a market share of about 10%.

The Rent-a-cell product is one of the most popular solutions under Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions offered by Cell and is risk financing mechanism that allows organizations to identify measure and manage the risks that they face cost effectively over a medium to long term period. This entails retaining whole or part of the residual risk which is self- insured through a rented cell from Cell Insurance to form a client’s risk transfer mechanism. If there is surplus premium in the cell at the end of the policy period after payment of claims and any other fees, it remains the customer’s insurance premium. With this, customers can create and maintain self-sustaining risk financing mechanisms.

Salient Features Of Cell Insurance

  1. The company was ranked 2nd largest short-term insurance company in Zimbabwe in September 2013 based on gross written premiums of $20.7 million and a market share of 13.52% and amarket leader in Engineering, Construction and Energy underwriting insuring over 60% of the most vibrant mines and sole insurer of the power utility in Zimbabwe.
  2. As a commitment to superior service quality, Cell Insurance attained ISO 9001:2008 certification in July 2013 from Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) and is among only three ISO certified short-term insurance companies in the country. The Company was re-certified in 2016
  3. Cell Insurance is owned by the following diverse, stable and sound shareholders:
    • – ZB Financial Holdings
    • – ZESA Holdings
    • – ZPC (Zimbabwe Power Company)
    • – MZWT (Matebele-Zambezi Water Trust)
    • – NRZ Pension Fund
    • – Sisonke Risk Solutions
    • – Baobab Reinsurance
    • – Management



To unlock wealth through innovative risk transfer solutions


To be the industry leader in the provision of Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions.

Our Values

We are committed to continuously add new value adding Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions for the benefit of our customers

We operate around sound moral practice, honesty and wholesome service

We guarantee unsurpassed quality service

We pledge to identify with our customers in times of need

We guarantee security of your assets through financial strength