Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) Solution describes a range of solutions drawn from the broader financial sector to cover our clients’ risks in a cost effective manner in the medium to long period. Cell Insurance offers rented cells and third party cells also known as branded insurances that allow clients to carry part of the risks and participate on the profitability of the risk.


Also known as a Contingency policy, Rent-a-cell is an insurance policy which provides the client normally a corporate to insure their own risks and participate in the underwriting profits of the insurance business as a result of good claims and implementation of sound risk management principles.
Rented cells enable organisations to retaining part of the risk through self-insured layers which can be protected by conventional insurance or reinsurance cover. The insured clients participate on the profit declaration done at the end of the policy period after payment of claims and any other expenses with the balance of premiums remaining for use in the customers next insurance period.


  • A flexible tool that allows organisations to participate on their risk profitability whilst providing adequate cover for their risks.
  • Access to catastrophic reinsurance cover and specialist markets
  • Encourages sound risk management practices in the organisations
  • Provides risk financing solutions for difficult to insure risks and large deductibles


These are cells that are rented by a corporate organisation or an organised group in order to provide the opportunity to its own customers to purchase branded insurance products underwritten by Cell Insurance. This means the organisation becomes an insurance agent for its customers in exchange of insurance commission and profit dividend from the cell.


  • Enables corporate organisations with large clientele base and affinity groups to offer value-added branded insurance products
  • Participation of underwriting Profits and commissions by organisations on their clientele
  • Specialist underwriting, reinsurance and claims managements services provided by Cell Insurance

Products suitable for this solution includes the following

  • Weather Index Insurance
  • Personal Accident cover
  • Extended Warranties
  • Legal cover
  • Credit Insurance